AZAZEL Aegrum Satanas Tecum CD

RM 30.00

Now, at long last, those shadows recede and reveal AZAZEL's long-awaited third album, Aegrus Satanas Tecum. Immediately and righteously recognizable as AZAZEL, Aegrus Satanas Tecum is a unique record in that it bridges all the band's eras whilst opening new portals into the black beyond. Here, one will find the near-bestial filth & fury of Jesus Perversions alongside the more haunting and even stately sensations of Witches Deny Holy Trinity. But, like anything in AZAZEL's wild & weird world, ramshackle insanity runs riot - and often - and thus is a variety of songcraft employed to mangle the mind and ruin the spirit. And yet, the finesse with which AZAZEL accomplish this, playing something "primitive" but in clear & cutting fashion (and vice versa), bespeaks some strange magick on the band's part and lends even more staying power to their ever-uncompromising sound. Above all, Aegrus Satanas Tecum is an album that's equally early '90s as it is NOW: AZAZEL are more undead than ever.