CARDIAC ARREST The Day That Death Prevailed CD

RM 55.00

Cardiac Arrest do both here, gutsfucking the listener with a fiercely focused mix of headbanging gallops and well-timed bouts of blasting, a streamlined, shit-heavy steamroller that´s as catchy as the clap; hooks and grooves and generally memorable nastiness are all sliced and sluiced across "The Day That Death Prevailed" with absolute ease. But lest one think "catchy" means "soft", think again: these Chicago miscreants are ever committed to horror in the most classic sense, just like aesthetic forebears Grave, Master, Benediction, Obituary, Cianide, Malevolent Creation and, of course, the Floridian masters Death and Massacre. This deep into their catalog, though, and it´s about damn time Cardiac Arrest are included in the (un)hallowed ranks, right? With suitably stark cover art courtesy of Eric Rot and another crushing mastering job by Javier Felez at Moontower Studios, "The Day That Death Prevailed" once again proves that old age doesn´t soften the diehard one bit: it just kicks them into Cardiac Arrest!