OATH OF CRUELTY Summary Execution At Dawn CD

RM 60.00

The band was initially formed in 2010 by Matt ‘Mayhem’ Heffner on
drums, Dave Callier on guitar and Kyle Laven (R.I.P.) on lead guitar,
and their first demo Altar of Impalement was recorded in 2012 with
Robert Mena from local 80s thrash moguls Dark Reign on vocals.
After few line-up changes (incl. the arrival of Imprecation’s Danny
Hiller on guitar, and of Tony Rich from Houston'ss Necrotic Void, who had a 2-year stint in the band) plus a second demo and a two track EP, the core trio of Callier, Mayhem and Hiller have finally recorded their first proper full-length and sealed a pact (in blood) with Dark Descent Records to release it.