SOULROT Victims of Spiritual Warfare CD

RM 60.00

Soulrot somehow pull off the trick of being both rawer and more refined here, their songcraft broadening its scope -more patience, more doom, more crush- whilst tastefully unloading quick-hitting bursts of blistering Grindcore, altogether still sounding like the same band. But let it be known that this is still classic Death fucken Metal, same as it ever was, and always will be with Soulrot. Unbelievers will continue to roll their eyes at the familiarity, but just like they did on their debut album, with "Victims of Spiritual Warfare" do Soulrot utterly convince with their authenticity and passion. If you don´t "get it", then you don´t know Death Metal! Graced with stark cover artwork by Cesar Valladares and another molten mastering job by the esteemed Javier Felez at Moontower Studios, "Victims of Spiritual Warfare" could very well be their Indecent and Obscene, You´ll Never See..., or even Harmony Corruption!