UTUMNO Across The Horizon / The Light Of Day CD

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UTUMNO was one of the early Swedish Death metal bands with members of Macabre End / God Macabre and Aboth. UTUMNO recorded their debut E.P. ‘The Light of Day' with Thomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991. In 1993 UTUMNO entered Sunlight Studios once again to record their 6 track mini CD ‘Across The Horizon'. Released by a small obscure Dutch label and hardly distributed, the very well received mini CD did not get the recognition it deserved. Soon the band was dissolved due to more  problems with their label. The mini CD has long been out of print (18 years) and is a much sought-after collectors item (bids on Ebay of over 300$).

UTUMNO was always something special in the Swedish death metal scene during the early 90's. Diverse songs, catchy riffs, growling yet melodic vocals and original song writing, makes this album even today a masterpiece. Remarkable is that the 8 tracks don't sound out dated at all.

The album has extensive liner notes and an in depth interview with vocalist Jonas Stalhammar (nowadays vocalist in THE CROWN) done by Terrorizer (UK) journalist Olivier ‘Zoltar' Badin. The album contains the 2 track E.P. ‘The Light of Day'. All songs are re-mastered by Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate / Bibleblack). Cover art was made by Kristian ‘Necrolord' Wahlin (Dissection, Emperor, King Diamond, Tiamat).