RM 60.00

“Whoredom Rife was forged in silence during 2013 and 2014 in the  outskirts of Nidaros, Norway. The band was founded by V. Einride and K.R  in 2014, based on new ideas and ideas dating back as far as the early  nineties. The idea behind the band is to breathe new life into the art  form and lifestyle that we know as so called “True Norwegian Black  Metal”. With ‘Dommedagskvad’ they have clearly succeeded to combine all  elements of the genre yet perfecting it their own way. It’s nothing new,  yet so honest, well crafted and unique sounding it’s hard not to be  drawn into the Whoredom Rife universe. After the highly acclaimed  self-titled MLP released late last year, the expectations are beyond  high for this LP. You will not be disappointed!”