FUNEBRE Children Of The Scorn CD

RM 65.00

Funebre are one of the first Finnish Death Metal bands besides Abhorrence and caused a lot of attention in the scene. In 1991 they released their only album "Children Of The Scorn" on Spinefarm, which achieved cult status over the years.

Funebre don't seem to fit into the scheme that is generally associated with Finnish Metal. Instead of symphonic, or folk influenced metal, there's really classical old school style here. Extremely heavy, dark with killer guttural vocals and, despite all the brutality, an undeniable doom feeling.

Funebre and this album in particular, one can count to the forefathers and pioneers of a whole genre, which clearly distinguished itself from the Florida sound and broke new ground in Death Metal.

26 years later, this album shows why such a classic is simply timeless!
The ReRelease of the debut album by Xtreem also contains the tracks of the demo "Cranial Torment" and the "Demo' 90". In addition to the new, reworked cover artwork, the original drawn cover is inside the booklet of this re-release!