SHINING V - Halmstad CD

RM 60.00

The most ambitious album up to date in this form of Black metal ever been done !
Controversy may follow SHINING wherever they go, but one thing is for sure, there is nothing controversial about the brilliance of the Niklas Kvarforth's writing, and the skill of SHINING'S musicianship.  
And never are these attributes more clearly demonstrated than on the band's fifth album "V/ Halmstad".  
SHINING has always been a band that goes beyond the accepted definitions of black metal, and "V/ Halmstad" is perhaps a little closer to the definition than its predecessors, closer, but by no means shackled by any restrictions that definition imposes.  
Always original and innovative, and unafraid to push the envelope, this is Niklas Kvarforth and SHINING and at their darkest, most aggressive and sinister best.

CD jewel case, re-issue, not remastered and original sound from the source.